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Carpet Cleaning and Care Tips: Pet Owners

Feb 10

Carpet Cleaning and Care Tips: Pet Owners

You are likely to have had at least one pet 'accident'. Although tiled flooring is easy to clean, carpets and rugs can be difficult to clean. To restore carpets to their original condition, you will need high-quality equipment. A good standard of care and hygiene is essential to ensure a healthy home environment, as well as prolong the life of your carpet.

What is the difference between carpet care for pets and households without pets? Here are some tips and examples of how pets can cause damage to carpets.

Pets can cause carpet stains in different ways


  • Contamination by urine and faeces.

Carpet Cleaners Yuma often sees this as a sign of carpet contamination that is most commonly associated with pets. Urine stains can be unpleasant and odourless. Urine stains can appear as superficial stains and soak into the carpet fibers, underlay, and floorboards. If they're left to set", they can be difficult to remove and eventually develop a foul odour.

  • Youdding contamination

Even though it isn't the same fur as those with longer hair, pets that are short-haired can still shed. All pets shed skin, dander, and oils that can seep into carpets and upholstery.

  • Dirt and grass stains

Because pets don't wear shoes, it is easier to let the soil in from the outside. Although it may reduce the amount of dirt your pets bring in, it won't stop all the bacteria.


Top Tips for Pet owners with Carpets


  • Avoid putting food or liquid on carpets

You can keep food and water bowls clean on sealed flooring surfaces like tiled or laminate kitchen floors. These floors are much easier to clean and less likely to sustain water damage or stains. It is a good idea not to give your pets treats in carpeted areas.

  • Encourage good bathroom habits

Place absorbent mats onto your carpets to help your pet learn to potty train. You can also check out our package 'New Arrivals' if you just brought a new pet home.

  • Good grooming

Regular grooming will reduce the likelihood of your pet shedding.

A hot water heater is the best method to remove pet stains. Even though it might seem tempting to use strong chemicals to remove stains, this can be damaging to your carpet.


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