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SEBO Vacuum Comparison: The Felix 1 and X4 Vacuums

Mar 15

If you're in the marketplace for a terrific upright vacuum cleaner, 2 designs are going to get on your listing-- SEBO's Felix 1 and SEBO X4. Both of these vacuums are understood for their comfort, adaptability, as well as power. Cleaning performance and experience go to the top of SEBO's checklist when they create these devices. But how can you make sure which is the ideal selection for your cleansing requires?

SEBO is recognized for making several of the very best vacuum cleaners about, however it can be tough to choose between 2 terrific models. This SEBO hoover comparison will break down the Felix 1 and X4 so you can discover which SEBO upright is right for your cleansing requires.

What are the Similarities of the SEBO Felix 1 as well as X4 Vacuums?

Prior to we tackle what establishes the SEBO Felix 1 and X4 in addition to each other, let's first have a look at a few of the similar attributes that SEBO made in between both vacuum models.

Both the SEBO Felix 1 as well as X4 are full-sized upright vacuums that are effective and practical. They both have a wonderful suction power that will gobble almost anything that may be in its method. These two vacuums additionally use a great air filtration system, which assists to eliminate over 99.97% of bits as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

SEBO utilizes a fantastic overall style on both versions that aids to make these vacuums a lot more effective and better at cleaning than other brands. Both items are priced a bit closely, with the Felix 1 costs setting you back $834, the X4 is mosting likely to cost you $949.

They additionally come with user friendly onboard tools that enable easy crevice as well as furniture cleansing. These two vacuums are also made to be versatile as well as can take care of most floor kinds, including rugs as well as tile. SEBO is recognized for the longevity of its vacuum, and both of these designs are no different.

Exactly how Do the SEBO Felix 1 as well as X4 Vacuums Differ?

While SEBO made both the SEBO Felix 1 and also X4 vacuums with ease, power, suction, and also general layout in mind, there are still differences between the Felix 1 and the X4. The X4 is among the classic-looking SEBO versions with a solid SEBO develop high quality that can be checked in time. It is a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner that SEBO made for several years of heavy use.

The Felix 1, on the other hand, is a bit more current with its one-of-a-kind style and construct. This vacuum is an upright model that can rapidly convert to a mobile canister vacuum cleaner. SEBO made this design for ease of use as well as ease, so it's a little simpler to take care of than the X4. It still includes a great suction power as well as quality filtering that can deal with most floor kinds.

Ability to move

One of the first things that can be observed with the SEBO Felix is its swivel neck design, which offers 180-degree maneuverability with an easy touch. SEBO meant for this vacuum cleaner to be gotten and carried around the house easily, so they made it rather lightweight at just 15.4 extra pounds. As this vacuum can be converted to a canister, it gives customers the opportunity to clean hard-to-reach areas easily.

The SEBO X4 is a little on the heavy side as well as weighs in fairly much heavier as contrasted to the Felix 1. SEBO vacuums made this version to be made use of by specialists, so it's quite durable as well as can handle a day-to-day pounding. This design additionally faces the old-time layout problem of bigger uprights, in that it can be tough to steer in smaller sized areas.

Height Adjustability

Both of these vacuum designs have a height adjustability feature. The X4 has an automated elevation change attribute that SEBO developed to adapt to various sorts of floor covering. This design can instantly raise or lower to an ideal degree that will offer users relieve of use, as it can adjust itself when cleaning up over from carpet, changing to tough floorings, and vice versa.

The SEBO Felix 1, on the other hand, has a hand-operated height adjustment attribute that SEBO made for individuals to have even more control over the elevation degree of their vacuum. It has a four-level manual brush elevation modification, which SEBO made for added control over just how much suction is provided to the flooring.

Dirt Capacity

The SEBO X4 uses big capability filter bags, which SEBO designed for individuals to spend less time unloading old bags as well as even more time cleaning. SEBO geared up the X4 with a user friendly multiple-use filter bag that can deal with a lot of particles prior to it needs to be emptied out.

Suitable Floor Type

While both vacuum designs can change their elevation settings to different flooring kinds, the SEBO X4 is best thought to be more suitable for homes with primarily carpets and also carpets. Even though it can still adapt to tidy up wood floorings, its brush can not be turned off. So for houses and locations that have much more timber or floor tile flooring, the Felix 1 may be a far better choice.

Final thought

Both SEBO Felix 1 as well as X4 vacuums are superb alternatives for customers that desire a SEBO machine that can handle extensive cleansing. There are likewise some clear distinctions in between both that can help you decide which SEBO model might be a far better choice for your requirements.

If you are searching for a vacuum with a more powerful developed quality, the X4 could be a better choice for you. Because this is suggested for commercial use, it's a little a lot more sturdy and also can take care of a beating. Yet if you're seeking a more functional model that can take care of a range of flooring surfaces, the SEBO Felix 1 could be a much better option. Picking the Felix 1 will also allow you to get the combination of having upright as well as container vacuums.