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Platos Closet sells men's clothes

Nov 8


Plato's Closet offers gently-used brand names of clothes as well as shoes and accessories. You can also recycle the items.

The Whale Center Faetteville, NC

Plato's Closet offers gently used clothing, shoes and other accessories

Plato's Closet is a resale shop that is a specialist in gently used clothing as well as accessories, footwear and other items for both men and women. While their majority of merchandise is for women, they also have some male-specific clothing. Plato's Closet provides designer brands at a fraction of the retail cost. Plato's Closet has brands like Hollister, American Eagle, Nike, American Eagle, and Adidas.

Where can I locate the nearest store?

There are Plato's Closet locations all across the United States and Canada, so there's one close to you! You can use the store locator on the Plato's Closet website to find the closest location to you. Simply type in your zip code, city and state in the search bar and the list of stores that are located in your area will appear.

If you're in search of a Plato's Closet near you, visit our store locator and enter your zip code. There are a variety of locations across the United States so there's likely to be one near you. If you do find a store you like, call them to inquire about what their current inventory is. To view the clothing that we normally offer in our stores you can also visit our website.

Plato's Closet stores can be located all across the United States and Canada. To locate the nearest Plato's Closet to you, you can utilize our Store Locator. Enter your zip code, city, and state to get a list with all the stores that are located in your region.

What is the typical cost of a common item?

Plato's Closet can't provide a definitive answer as prices for items will vary in response to various factors like the brand size, condition and size. However, you can expect to find used and gently used clothing and accessories for men at Plato's Clothes priced at a fraction of the original value. If you're in the market for a new pair of jeans or a trendy shirt to wear out There's bound to be affordable items at Plato's Closet!

There is no clear answer to this question as the prices of items vary significantly based on the item itself and its condition. You can however expect to pay somewhere between $5 and $50 for most items sold at Plato's Closet.

The answer to this question isn't definitive as prices vary depending on each item. Plato's Closet offers stylish men's clothes for a fraction of the price.

Does the government have a trade-in policy?

Plato's Closet doesn't have any trade-in policy for clothing for men. They do have a large collection of masculine clothing with reasonable prices. Check their website to see whether they carry it.

Plato's Closet doesn't have a policy of trade-in on men's clothes. They do offer the buyback program which allows you to return your gently used clothing to the store.

Plato's Closet does not have a formal trade in policy however they are constantly seeking to purchase gently used clothes that appeals to their targeted demographic. They usually pay 50% of retail value for items that are in good condition.

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